• Jelly Mask (add on)
    What does a Hydrojelly mask do? A HYDROJELLY Mask provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydrating, smoothing, moisture retention, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning skin, toning, and reducing inflammation. Customized to your skin's needs. ... Also helps to form collagen and elastin to keep the skin looking younger and more supple.
  • 30%Glycolic/20%Lactic acid (add on)
    Skin Type; Normal skin, Oily skin, Acneic skin, Dry skin. The glycolic acid dissolves the desmosomes that hold the skin together to allow for an efficient exfoliation. This exfoliation accelerates skin cell renewal and increases collagen production. Visible peeling generally will NOT occur, Treats mild to moderate acne, minimizes pores size but it is also an excellent booster to any facial.
  • Dermaplane- (Add on to any facial)
    This service can be added to any facial service.
  • Teen Facials
    Facials for kids 10 -17 years old customized facials that are safe for teens. Each treatment begins with a complementary evaluation of your skin and ends with the invitation for a brief educational consultation with an accompanied guardian.
  • New Client Facial
    New client facial. May include an uplifting face, Neck, and shoulder massage, deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions (perform as needed).
  • Gentleman's Facial
    Our gentlemen's facial meets the needs and challenges of a man's skin. This facial balances and purifies as it restores. Customize treatment: includes double cleansing, exfoliation, enzyme/mask, extractions, micro dermabrasion, lymphatic facial massage.
  • Mommy To Be Facial
    Customize facial treatments will be discussed at time of service to determine clients needs. May include an uplifting face, neck, and shoulder massage. Deep cleansing exfoliation and extractions performed as needed
  • Brightening Facial
    For hyperpigmentation, age spots, and uneven complexions. This facial illuminates and brightens even the dulles of complexions. An alpha hydroxy acid peel removes layers of pigmentation and preparation for skin brightening enzymes, serums and complexion balancing mask infused with vitamin C..
  • Back Facial
    Skin analysis, deep cleanse and exfoliating scrub with steam, customized enzyme and mask, micro-current, or microdermabrasion, extractions (if needed), tone, serum(s), led, finishing with a soft relaxing back-massage with a hydrating lotion to lock in results. | 60 MIN |
  • Acne Treatment
    A deep pore cleansing, a powerful blend of exfoliating natural fruit enzymes, extractions, high frequency, the toxifying mask, hydrating products are infused into the skin. Customized treatment. No naps involved in this treatment.
  • Deep Exfoliation Facial
    This facial is specifically designed for anyone trouble with a significant amount of blackheads or just needs a really good deep exfoliation. Customized facial, may include dermaplane, organic plant peel, or special enzymes and boosters.
  • VajaFacial
    Vajacials are just as It sounds, a facial treatment for the vulvar area (bikini line, pubic mound, and labia folds) nothing is inserted or applied to the inside of the vagina. Vajacials aim to reduce ingrown hairs, blackheads, dry skin, or irritation in the vulvar area with processes including steaming, extractions, exfoliation, masking, moisturizing, and Hi Frequency. This treatment is recommended 1 week after shaving or receiving a wax.
  • Le-Tush Express Facial
    This 50-minute Booty facial refreshes, cleanses, and conditions. It will help remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, purify pores, and leave the skin soft, conditioned, and refreshed. This treatment stimulates the lymph system, eliminating toxins and increasing blood circulation. Use hot towels, steam, cleansers, microdermabrasion, extractions, mask, and moisturizer. Give your butt the treat of its life! | 50 MIN |
  • Milia Removal
    Removal of millia on skin. Numbing is available if desired.
  • Microneedling (Face)
    It involves the use of a needle pen to create channels in the treated area to induce collagen production, with H.A. Intensified serum, a multi-beneficial corrective serum to amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels & a Firming ampoule mask. All 3 help make your skin boost that collagen. Face & neck
  • Jowl + Neck Only
    Microneedling doesn't only help correct problem areas on damaged skin. It also has the added benefit of tightening up loose skin making it incredibly popular with both women and men. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen which causes skin to sag and become less firm. This treatment can successfully reduce lax skin or saggy tissue along the neck. These techniques tighten these thin tissues, giving droopy skin a significant lift and youthful appearance.
  • Intimate Parts- Microneedling
    This treatment targets chronic pigmentation, scars and skin damage, and childbirth or age related loss of collagen. Also improves acne/ingrown hair scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, skin texture, enlarged pores. Must schedule a consultation 1st.
  • Full Back
    The. back
  • Stomach
  • Upper arm
    The upper arm only ...
  • Hands
    The skin on the hands is prone to wrinkles as the age of a person increases. The skin becomes loose and starts sagging. Nobody likes such lines and wrinkles to spoil their appearance. Micro-needling provides the solution to this problem. It helps in tightening the skin on the hands and gives it a smooth texture.
  • Plump-up my lips with Nano-needling
    Nano-needling is used for the treatment of lip lines and smoker’s lines due to its ability to stimulate new collagen formation and tighten the skin. Results are seen immediately and the skin feels and looks tighter. More importantly, the skin will continue to improve over the 6-8 weeks after the treatment. This is the amount of time required for new collagen formation and skin remodeling. (2-3 sessions for better results)
  • Spicule Peel
    This peel, also known as liquid micro-needling is made of algae powder. It’s sharp needles act on the epidermidis to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This is all natural treatment helps correct texture, non-inflamed acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and aging and stretch marks.
  • Cranberry Turnover Peel Series
    For oily/acneic skin. 6 week treatment, one week apart. Home care products for before and after treatment is required, and can be purchased separately.
  • 20% Lactic Lightning Peel Series
    6 week treatment, one week apart. Home care products for before and after treatment is required, and can be purchased separately.
  • 30% Glycolic Peel Series
    6 week treatment, one week apart. Home care products for before and after treatment is required, and can be purchased separately.
  • TCA Depigmentation Peel Series
    This package includes six Chemical Peel treatments (Lactic, Glycolic, TCA) series. This peel is designed for lifting pigmentation and melasma; it is also suitable for acne. this is a mild, gentle TCA designed to be used in a four-part series over 8 weeks. Home care products are required for purchase
  • Lash Lift & Tint
    The lash lift takes the natural eyelashes and perms them with a J-curl or a C-curl that makes the eyelashes look amazing! The Lash Stuff Lash Lift lasts for 4-6 weeks and makes it so you do not need to use an eye.
  • The lash Lift
    The lash lift takes the natural eyelashes and perms them with a C-curl that makes the eyelashes look amazing! Lash Lift lasts for 4-6 weeks. No tint ..
  • Eyelash Tinting (À La Carte)
    EYELASH TINT Get long-lasting, dramatic results with Intensive lash and brow tint. A trusted favorite for over 20 years, Intensive has everything you need to provide beautiful, true color. Lashes appear longer & more voluminous.
  • Eyebrow Tinting
    BROW TINT- Get long-lasting, dramatic results with Intensive lash and brow tint. A trusted favorite for over 20 years, Intensive has everything you need to provide beautiful, true color. Eyebrows appear longer & more voluminous.
  • Eye Treatment -add on
    This eye treatment is for those tired eyes that need some extra love. Wake them up with my eye concoction cream, warm towel, cold-ice globes, a relaxing, soft pressure to help those eyes wake up and look refreshed, and some lash serum. (why not treat them lashes too)
  • Scalp & feet Treatment
    Head and feet rub may help relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth.
  • Dry Brushing (60 min)
    The skin is brushed with natural bristle gloves to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, exfoliate the skin, and help cellulite, then it's all sealed in with a nourishing body oil & hydrating moisturizer as your get an amazing gentle massage. *NO EXTRACTIONS DONE*
  • Chest
    Waxing of the chest. Includes the pectoral muscles from the start of the collar bone. Includes the nipples but not the shoulders or stomach.
  • Full Back
    Waxing Full back, men and women. Includes the length of the back, including shoulders & neck.
  • Full Arms
    Arms (Full) for men & woman Entire Length of the arm. Includes hands and fingers and (shoulders if needed). Does not include underarms
  • Bottom half arms
    Waxing of 1/2 arm. men and women. The lower arm including the elbow and fingers.
  • Underarms
    Waxing of your armpits- Men and women (Includes extractions of ingrow-hairs if needed)
  • Bikini
    Female guest only, waxing top, and sides of the panty line( we will discuss this in detail in person).
  • Brazilian
    Female guest only. Goes from the front all the way to the back with an added butt strip. It's perfect for a completely nude look unless you specify otherwise. Full hair removal, hair must be the size of a grain of rice for best results.
  • Anus strip - A La Carte
    Anus wax strip only. (Female only)
  • Le Tush (Booty) Ladies/Gentlemen
    Waxing, men and women. (no anus strip) only outer tush Le Tush Facial at extra charge (add on)
  • Full Face
    Waxing Different parts of the face for men & women (does not include ears or nose).
  • Brow Shaping
    Brow cleaning to a more fresh clean look, that includes a trim, wax, and tweeze. Add color (filling) in the brows with tint color for an extra $10.00
  • Chin
    Waxing the bottom of the lip & chin for men & women.
  • Lips
    Waxing of the top lip only, for anyone that has unwanted hair.
  • Nostril
    Waxing, men and women. (inside nose only)
  • Ears
    Includes the inside and outside of the ear.
  • Side-Burns
    Waxing Different parts of the face.
  • Full Legs
    Waxing of both full legs, men and women. Upper and lower legs. Includes the knees, feet, and toes. Does not include the bikini line.
  • Lower Half Legs
    Waxing 1/2 legs, men and women. Includes the lower legs, knees, feet, and toes.
  • Travel Fee
    Travel Fee to clients home service(s).